May 2, 1958

CYPRIOT HELLENISM: Nicosia, 25 – The Cypriot Struggle Political Committee (PEKA), the political wing of the National Cypriot Fighters’ Organization (EOKA), distributed leaflets in Famagusta today urging Cypriots not to use the British bank. All transactions, purchases and deposits etc should be done through the Greek bank. They also asked Cypriots traveling abroad to use Greek airlines, as well as to remove any English-language advertisements from stores. INCIDENT IN ANKARA: Caretaker Prime Minister Constantine Georgakopoulos held a meeting with the foreign minister yesterday to discuss an incident in Ankara in which an employee of the Greek Embassy, a woman working in the military attache’s bureau, was hit by a man in the street because she was speaking to her sister in Greek. The perpetrator ran off into the crowd. The embassy lodged a protest with the Turkish Foreign Ministry, noting that this regrettable incident was due to the incitement of Turkish public opinion by the continued publication in the Turkish press of anti-Greek articles. ROYAL COUPLE IN LEBANON: King Pavlos and Queen Frederiki, accompanied by Crown Prince Constantine and Princess Sophia, arrived yesterday in Beirut on board the destroyer Elli.