May 3, 1958

IN BEIRUT: Caretaker Prime Minister Constantine Georgakopoulos has asked for further details of reports coming from Beirut claiming that the Turkish Embassy there has distributed anti-Greek leaflets on the occasion of the visit to Lebanon of the Greek royal family. YUGOSLAVIA: Ljubljana, 26 – At the final session of the Yugoslav Communist Party Congress, Field Marshal Josip Broz Tito invited the Soviet Union to resolve the two countries’ differences in a «comradely» fashion and avoid placing relations between communists on a footing that would be disastrous for communist parties. «We would like to resolve our disputes in a different way in future, as it would be tragic to do what has proved disastrous for the international workers’ movement in the past. The unfortunate and inappropriate manner in which various stories about Yugoslavia have seen the light of day in the press in other socialist countries does not augur well for our future relations,» he said. «In my opinion, they need to properly understand us, for we will only be able to restore good relations on the basis of mutual understanding and trust.»