May 5, 1958

GIORGOS PAPPAS: The distinguished actor and star of the National Theater Giorgos Pappas died yesterday after a long and painful illness. EMILIOS HOURMOUZIOS COMMENTS: «It will no doubt be many years before Greek theaters again see the likes of Giorgos Pappas, because, truly, the man who managed to maintain an amazing equilibrium between gravity and playfulness was a great talent. ‘That is a Pappas role, ‘ people would say and would accept no other actor in the part, such was his charm, finesse and humor. Pappas was the only one of the younger actors who could wear a tuxedo with the same ease as the rest of us wear our everyday jackets. He was the most recognizable charmer on the Greek stage ever since Cybele discovered him in 1931 in the French Embassy’s secretariat where he was working after studying agronomy in Switzerland and Italy, while he also worked as a teacher of cheesemaking in the Larissa Agricultural College. His mother taught him poetry as a child and endowed him with a love of theater, of translating and adapting and later directing plays from the French repertoire.