May 6, 1958

EOKA AGAINST BRITISH: Nicosia, 7 – The National Organization of Cypriot Fighters (EOKA) has issued proclamations today assuming responsibility for the murder of two British soldiers in Famagusta. «We killed them,» said the proclamation, «in retaliation for the inhuman treatment of political prisoners by the British administration.» The proclamation furthermore declared that the killings would continue as long as the British authorities continued to abuse Cypriots. EOKA AGAINST AKEL: Greek sources in Nicosia said today that EOKA had published a «Black Bible» on communist treason in Cyprus. The «Bible,» consisting of 74 pages, is expected to circulate in Nicosia late tonight and to name prominent communists in Cyprus as traitors. Colonel Grivas, the leader of EOKA, claims in the «Black Bible» that the Cypriot Communist Party (AKEL) has been working closely with the British government against EOKA and has tried to sabotage the struggle of the Cypriot people. MANOUSAKAS: New book: «Manuscripts and Documents from Mt Athos» by M.I. Manousakas, director of the Medieval Archives of the Athens Academy, Athens, 1958.