Confiscated future

History often repeats itself as a farce and student mobilizations have increasingly bordered on the ridiculous. A group of leftist students recently held a sit-in demonstration in the rector’s office at the University of Athens demanding the restoration of several notice boards removed by the rector. On Tuesday, students went as far as to confiscate computers from the university premises until the notice boards are put back up – as if these computers were not purchased with their parents’ money. The functioning of universities depends increasingly on the whims of unionized students. Small groups of students, with increasingly unreasonable demands, are blocking the progress of tertiary institutions, undermining the future of thousands of students. Universities are a mess. A dangerous mess, however, for the future of thousands of children who will soon have to look for a place in the labor market. Unemployment among graduates will continue to rise, as unionized students are making more and more dubious demands.