May 20, 1958

YUGOSLAVIA: Sofia, 17 – The Bulgarian Communist Party has backed a charge leveled against Yugoslav leader Josip Broz Tito by the People’s Daily newspaper in Peking and launched its own attack against Yugoslavia’s national form of communism. The newspaper Rabotnichenko Delo, the organ of the Bulgarian Communist Party, said that the People’s Daily was absolutely justified in supporting a decision taken by Cominform in 1948 when it accused Yugoslavia of revisionism. The Bulgarian newspaper accused Yugoslavia of trying to impose its views on other communist parties and making Belgrade the center of the communist world. Furthermore, the Yugoslavs are charged with interfering in the internal affairs of other parties. Early last week, one of the secretaries of the Communist Party of Bulgaria accused the leaders of Yugoslavia of openly betraying the communist cause. It added that these statements had been reprinted in the Czechoslovakian communist newspaper. YUGOSLAVIA II: Belgrade, 17 – According to an official announcement, the joint Russian-Yugoslav economic committee meeting which was to have taken place in Moscow this month has been postponed. It was to have discussed trade exchanges between the two states.