May 21, 1958

CRISIS IN FRANCE: Paris, 21 – The atmosphere in the French capital is still tense despite the apparent calm. The position taken by General Charles de Gaulle with regard to the way the current crisis should be handled has increased the confusing division between the various political parties and the public, who have become extremely anxious about the dangerous tendencies on the part of some military officers who have not hesitated to speak out publicly against all the parties and the parliamentary regime. Also cause for concern are the suspicious actions of the extreme right and, above all, the extreme left, which, led by the communist General Confederation of Workers (CGT), is calling for a general strike, which, if it takes place, would mean the beginning of a civil war. LOGOTHETIDIS IN THE US: New York, 17 – Yesterday evening saw the premiere at Carnegie Hall of the Logothetidis theater company’s production of Spyros Melas’s play «Coach to Texas.» The performance was a triumphant success. In the audience were Archbishop Michael, the Greek ambassador, Greece’s permanent representative to the UN, and representatives of American theaters.