A dangerous breed of hooligans

The sight of the wrecked ballot boxes at universities yesterday causes sorrow among all democratically minded citizens. The violent incidents represent a symbolic violation of hard-won rights. Nevertheless, there is something positive to come out of yesterday’s events. Namely, the prompt reactions. For the events awaken consciences. They prompt people who have devoted their lives to democracy to stand up and shout, «Enough is enough.» They make parents realize that a small minority of people are undermining all their sacrifices and hard work for their children’s future. They lead students to consider that certain people are putting their future at risk. The desperate cry from the hundreds of academics who attacked the machinations of the Hellenic Federation of University Teachers’ Associations and the small number of rioters could trigger the emergence of a social movement against the hooliganism prevailing in our universities. What is at stake is state education, democracy and the future of this country.