May 23, 1958

FRENCH CRISIS: Paris, 22 – As former Prime Minister Antoine Pinay, leader of the moderate right, met at his own initiative with General Charles de Gaulle, but apparently with the knowledge of Prime Minister Pierre Pflimlin, the French government is to submit an emergency play to the National Assembly tomorrow to amend important provisions in the constitution – aimed at boosting executive powers – in the hope of outflanking the general, who apparently wants fundamental changes to the constitution. However, if the National Assembly gives its approval, it will mean the end of the French parliamentary system; therefore much hangs on next Tuesday’s debate when the fate of the government is likely to be decided due to the opposition of the radicals, socialists and communists. Meanwhile the rebels are strengthening their hold over the whole of Algeria; strangely enough the the government is continuing to send weapons, ammunition and supplies to the army there. Following clashes between military units stationed in Tunisia and Tunisian soldiers, President Habib Bourguiba has asked them to leave; the same has occurred in Morocco.