May 24, 1958

CYPRIOT STRUGGLE:Nicosia, 22 – British troops are examining every inch of ground in new operations in the area around Mt Troodos. The British troops are even searching the plantations to see if armed patriots are hiding among the crops. Nevertheless, the search has been fruitless so far, although the British are convinced that if they keep looking, they will discover the wanted patriots, particularly the leader of the National Cypriot Fighters’ Organization (EOKA), Digenes. MERTEN CASE:According to sources, Max Merten is not expected to be extradited to Western Germany as provided for in a 1952 treaty, and will be tried in Greece. (Ed. note: German national Max Merten, who was accused of committing various crimes between 1942 and 1944, as deputy of the German military commander of Thessaloniki, arrived in Athens on business a year ago and was arrested by order of the Greek war crimes bureau. Merten was accused of executing 682 Greeks in Thessaloniki, including a number of military officers and the president of the community of Galliko, as well as incarcerating Greek citizens in inhumane conditions and looting stores owned by Thessaloniki Jews, which is said to have brought him profits to the tune of half a million gold sovereigns.)