May 17, 1958

DE GAULLE CENTER STAGE: Paris, 15 – The dramatic clash between the French government and the National Salvation Committee in Algeria headed by General Jacques Massu entered a new phase today with the appearance of General Charles de Gaulle on the scene, claiming to be ready to assume power in the French Republic if asked to do so. Therefore any hopes that General de Gaulle would remain on the sidelines and abide by the law have therefore dissolved. The divide in French political life that threatens to divide nationalists and leftists into two opposing camps now appears to be a dangerous possibility. Democracy or dictatorship is the dilemma with which the Fourth French Republic appears to be faced. KARAMANLIS GOVERNMENT: The new government led by the leader of the National Radical Union Constantine Karamanlis was sworn in yesterday. CYPRUS: New York, 17 – According to sources in Washington, the US government hopes that its allies Greece and Turkey, bearing in mind the situation in France and Algeria and the events in Lebanon that are shaking the foundations of NATO, will settle the Cyprus issue in order to close the breach on the eastern flank of the Western defense.