May 10, 1958

ELECTIONS: As of Friday evening, the election campaign was officially over and yesterday candidates from all the parties, in line with the official ban on campaigning on the eve of polls, made non-public appearances. National Radical Union (ERE) leader Constantine Karamanlis said that absolute freedom and complete order had prevailed, and congratulated the caretaker prime minister, whom he visited yesterday morning. As for the expected results of today’s vote, from all regions of the country it appears that ERE will receive a considerable percentage of the vote and will also be able to secure a large majority of seats in the new Parliament. According to these estimates, based on objective analyses, the caretaker government led by Constantine Georgakopoulos will submit its resignation within about 10 days, once all the results have been announced, to make way for a new government led by Karamanlis. GREECE – WEST GERMANY: Foreign Minister Michail Pesmazoglou said yesterday that, according to reliable sources, West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer has said that his government, fully understanding the situation in Greece, will do what it can to further stabilize the economic situation in the country.