May 28, 1958

JACQUELINE FRANCOIS: The first appearance in Athens by wonderful French singer Jacqueline Francois at the Asteria nightclub the evening before last gave members of the Greek capital’s high society the chance to enjoy the lovely Parisienne’s singing in the seaside suburb of Glyfada. Francois is considered to be one of France’s greatest singing stars and has thousands of fans as well has having won an international recording prize. At the front tables, we saw Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis, French Ambassador Guy de Charbonnie, Baroness Felice Catalano de Mellili and the Marquis and Marquess Canizi, among others. LINOS KARZIS: The premiere of the Thymelikon theater company’s production of Euripides’ ancient drama «Andromache» is to take place this evening as part of the Herod Atticus Theater’s Athens Festival series. The leading roles are to be played by Andromache Anagnostopoulou, Liana Michail, Frosso Kokola, Phoevus Taxiarchis, Vera Vasdeki, Christos Katsiyiannis, Liolia Laskaridou, Yiannis Symeonidis and the founder of the company, Linos Karzis. Tickets for all performances are available at the Kotopouli Theater box office and at the Tourism Bureau, at 8 Panepistimiou Street.