May 29, 1958

CRISIS IN CORSICA: Paris, 24 – According to reports coming from Algiers last night, an envoy from the government in Paris has failed in his mission. Indeed, he was not even received by the French military’s National Salvation Committee. As a result, the French Cabinet has been convened in an emergency session. Meanwhile, the rebels’ movement has spread to the island of Corsica. According to reports from the capital of the island, Ajaccio, a similar committee has been set up there to that in Algeria. Yesterday evening, a contingent of 250 parachutists was dropped onto the island and then a demonstration by thousands of people headed for the prefectural headquarters, cheering and shouting the name of General Jacques Massu. The Information Ministry has announced that the rebels have occupied all public buildings in Ajaccio. All transport between France and Corsica has been halted. The committee has added an amendment according to which the government will remain in power for at least two years if a plenary of the National Assembly is in agreement. The news of the seizure of Corsica by the rebels has caused great unrest in Paris.