May 30, 1958

ARGENTINA: Buenos Aires, 24 – According to sources close to Argentina’s Navy Ministry, the submarine that was attacked by an Argentine warship on May 21 was probably Russian and on a military observation mission along the coast of Argentina, particularly of the naval base of Port Cracker. The submarine was noticed as it surfaced in the Nuevo Gulf opposite Port Cracker and was asked to identify itself. However, instead it submerged rapidly and was then pursued by four Argentine anti-missile ships for several hours. At 7 p.m. local time, the submarine tried to exit the mouth of the gulf toward open sea. Four depth charges were aimed at it. The Soviet Embassy here has characterized as inappropriate the hypothesis that the submarine was Russian. Circles close to the Navy Ministry clarified that it was a new ship capable of high speeds. It had not been possible to ascertain whether the submarine had been destroyed or whether it had simply sustained damage. LINOS KARZIS: The premiere of the Thymelikon theater company’s production of Euripides’ ancient drama «Andromache» is to take place this evening as part of the Herod Atticus Theater’s Athens Festival series, with Andromache Anagnostopoulou, Liana Michail, Frosso Kokola, and Karzis in the leading roles.