Letter from the editor

Dear Readers, Kathimerini English Edition has been part of the International Herald Tribune in Greece and Cyprus for the past 10 years. Over this decade, we believe we have been successful in our mission of providing news and comment of the highest quality that is both tailored to our eclectic group of readers – from subscribers to visitors – and yet provides a true picture of how an important Greek newspaper sees Greece and the world. The joint venture between Kathimerini and the International Herald Tribune has strengthened the presence of both newspapers in Greece, Cyprus and, more recently, Albania. Our Internet site www.ekathimerini.com has also become the place where thousands of readers from all over the world go daily for authoritative news and comment on our region. Ten years is a good time to take stock of what we have achieved and to make changes that we believe will best exploit our strengths and expand our mission at a time when new challenges demand new solutions. Starting Monday, Kathimerini English Edition will be published with the IHT in a single, continuous edition and no longer as a separate insert. We will also consolidate our content into six or four pages daily. This means that our stock listings will focus on indices and the day’s greatest changes. Some other listings will be dropped but can be found on our website. In that way, we will be able to continue with the same amount of news, comment and arts as before. Our second change is the publication of a weekly English-language newspaper that will be more feature-oriented. It’s aim will be to inform, to entertain and to serve as an indispensable guide to enjoying Greece to the full – whether living and working here or on holiday. This newspaper will be published within June and sold separately at newsstands. It will also be provided, at no extra cost, to subscribers of the IHT-Kathimerini edition. Our third change, also to be completed within the next month, is the production of a more dynamic website that will provide news and features throughout the day and serve as a treasure trove of useful information. We understand that some of the changes may be jarring for readers who have grown used to Kathimerini English Edition over the years. We would like to assure them that, with the very experienced and talented journalists working at our newspaper and with the commitment of our publishers, they will be getting more news and more comment than ever before. We would also be grateful if you could send your comments to [email protected] Sincerely, Nikos Konstandaras Editor