May 31, 1958

APPEAL TO DE GAULLE: Paris, 29 – Faced with a power vacuum created by the resignation of Prime Minister Pierre Pflimlin, President Rene Coty has made a dramatic appeal to the National Assembly and asked General Charles de Gaulle to form a government, which de Gaulle has accepted. The question remains about whether the National Assembly will approve the mandate; de Gaulle will not want to appear to be acting outside the bounds of legality. A vote of confidence largely depends on the Socialists, who are hesitating to cede the full powers being requested by the general. The other parties are expected to vote in his favor, apart from the Communist Party. President Coty has decided to summon all party leaders tomorrow to persuade them to vote for de Gaulle, threatening to resign otherwise. Another dramatic development today was a letter from former President Vincent Auriol calling on the general to condemn the rebellion and place himself at the service of the Republic. It is generally believed that the country accepted the announcement of the mandate offered to the general with relief, though democratic circles continue to have reservations. The Communists meanwhile, are on the alert.