June 2, 1958

DE GAULLE HEADS FOR POWER: Paris, 30 – President Rene Coty met with the leaders of all the political parties today, although the Communists had declined his invitation by sending a letter from the party chiefs saying that they «do not wish to be involved in the charade of bringing (General Charles) de Gaulle to power.» Meanwhile, most of the party leaders also visited the general at Colombe, including former President Vincent Auriol and the Socialist leaders. Nothing yet has been announced regarding the results of Coty’s initiative to get a vote of confidence from the parties, but it is considered certain that, apart from the Communists, all the other parties will approve a mandate for de Gaulle. The Socialists, without whose vote there can be no majority in parliament, appear to be inclined in favor of the general, particularly after the explanations provided by former President Auriol and Socialist leader Guy Mollet. Therefore, barring any new adverse developments, it is considered certain that the general will form his government tomorrow and present it to the National Assembly next week. Meanwhile, apart from a few minor incidents, order prevails in metropolitan France as well as in Corsica and Algeria, where celebrations are already under way.