No more violence at universities

The public has been shocked by the incidents of violence seen last week at universities. The behavior of certain extreme, anti-democratic elements has outraged the overwhelming majority of Greeks, who watched public property being destroyed and the dream of quality education for their children being throttled by a handful of people. There are those who believe that the reaction to these outbreaks of violence will help to arouse healthy and dynamic groups within the university establishment. We certainly hope so. Professors and rectors who understand and respect their duties, as well as students who want to receive an education and do well in their lives must finally shout a loud «No more» against the tidal wave of violence and mediocrity that has swept over the country’s higher education institutions. If these lawless groups insist upon expressing themselves with violence, the university authorities will have to muster the courage to invite the state to do its job to protect the legitimacy and democratic operation of educational institutions. There is no other way to go, unless we want to see state universities plunge into a complete decline.