Full disclosure imperative

The ongoing probe into the Siemens bribery scandal must proceed without any further delay. The probe focuses on allegations that the German electronics and engineering giant deposited millions of euros into the accounts of Greek politicians and organized parties in exchange for lucrative telecom and other state contracts. Above all, the bribery case must be fully resolved and leave no shadow of doubt whatsoever. The Greek public have one eye fixed on the country’s judiciary and expect this shady affair to be cleared up. The case is, of course, a crucial test for Greece’s oft-questioned justice system. One hopes that the judiciary will closely monitor the ongoing revelations being made by the German investigative authorities and make use of any new piece of evidence that may come to light in that country. Every Greek citizen demands to see that, this time at least, the prosecutors will leave no stone unturned and disclose all the aspects of this malodorous case.