June 4, 1958

TERRORIST BOSS: (From an editorial in Kathimerini) The Cypriot ethnarch, Archbishop Makarios, was right in accepting an invitation from the head of the Anglican Church to a conference in Lambeth, London, as well as his decision to have represented the Cypriot Orthodox Church in person, irrespective of whether he will have the opportunity to hold official talks with the British government on the Cyprus issue. Naturally, the invitation is not an act of condescension but recognition of someone who was until recently exiled by the British as a «terrorist boss,» according to London newspapers, a man of the Church who «abandoned the Gospel for the sake of the relentless struggle for freedom.» One could say to the English that, at least with regard to the latter, they are in ignorance of Greek history, which has always linked the struggles of the people with those of the Church. But to what purpose? Each nation acts in accordance with its own traditions and history. ATHENS FESTIVAL: The premiere of the Thymelikon theater company’s production of Euripides’ ancient drama «Andromache» is to take place this evening as part of the Herod Atticus Theater’s Athens Festival series.