Time for deans to turn a page

The violent outbursts that took place yesterday on the campus of Macedonia University in Thessaloniki demonstrated that the law is enforced only as long as the rector possesses the requisite political will to do so. This should teach a lesson to the academic community at large. Instead of grumbling about the sorry state of Greece’s higher education institutions, university rectors should rather seek to enforce the law. The lawgivers after all have equipped them with all the necessary tools. The government has said it is at their disposal, pending a request in order to safeguard the rule of law. All this means that university rectors can no longer afford to take refuge behind false excuses. It is important that they have the people on their side, as the public realizes that there is no such thing as education in shutdown or wrecked universities. So there should be no more whining and wishful thinking. If we are to turn a new page in the country’s university education, what we need from academics is deeds and bold initiatives.