June 7, 1958

TURKISH CYPRIOTS: Nicosia – Turkish Cypriots have been vandalizing Greek property in Cyprus. The most serious incidents occurred here in the capital and in Limassol. As soon as the curfew was lifted this morning, the Turks set fire to more Greek buildings and shops. The following summary of the situation was sent to Archbishop Makarios from Bishop Anthimos: «The Turkish bloodbath committed against the Greek population of the island continues unabated. Today there were 11 arson attacks in Nicosia, one of which burnt down the Church of Aghios Loukas. The British authorities are unwilling to control the situation. The Greek-Cypriot people are completely unprotected and at the mercy of the British-Turkish conspiracy.» SEVEN DEATHS: This morning a Greek-Cypriot road sweeper, Antonios Ioannou, was killed in the Turkish district of Nicosia, after being hit by a gunshot to the back as he was doing his normal rounds of collecting garbage. The total number of Greek Cypriots killed since last Saturday, when the Turkish attacks began, now stands at seven, with over 100 people sustaining injuries.