June 10, 1958

VANDALISM ON CYPRUS: Nicosia, 12 – Crimes of murder, looting and vandalism committed by Turkish gangs against the Greek population of Cyprus continued today, resulting in three deaths and numerous injuries. Turkish reserve police officers who have been armed and trained by the British authorities appear to have been involved in the many anti-Greek atrocities. Meanwhile, it appears that these acts of vandalism are part of an organized Turkish plan against the Greek population, aimed at driving them out of the Turkish districts in the towns and villages and bringing about a de facto division of the island. GREEK PARLIAMENT: During yesterday’s session of Parliament, a unanimous resolution was passed to protest against the vandalism in Cyprus, to be sent to the parliaments of all free peoples and calling for their support in protecting the lives, honor and property of the Greek population on Cyprus. In addition, in reply to a telegram from the acting ethnarch of Cyprus, Bishop Anthimos, Parliament has declared its support for the people of Cyprus and assured him that it is keeping a close watch on events on the island.