Volunteers are the real heroes

In many occasions, disasters bring to the fore the best qualities in people. This has happened twice in the Peloponnesian prefectures of Achaia and Ileia when volunteers sprang into action to stand by earthquake victims this year and when they did exactly the same to come to the aid of wildfire victims last year. They are not just contributing with kind words. They are taking part in the multifaceted project to provide aid to those who need it. They are not satisfied with simply complaining about what is lacking, they are trying as best they can to bridge the gap and fill in where they are needed. It is encouraging that during times of crisis, civil society rises to its feet and helps the state with its job. Regardless of whatever noble intentions it may have, the state is not able to take care of everything. Without the help of simple citizens and non-governmental volunteer organizations, the work of the state would always fall short, as would the help provided to those that need it most.