Protests, but not at any cost

We don’t know who is responsible for the finances of the Municipality of Piraeus, but the way the mayor is opting to stage a protest – by closing the ferry port tomorrow – is the worst possible way to go about it. He is punishing all those people around the entire country who will not be able to travel by sea, especially on a long weekend such as the one that is coming up. The people who will be tested and affected most by this protest are in no way responsible for any problems the municipality in question might be facing. Activism that affects innocent people is unfortunately an all too common practice in this country. It is used by unions, who frequently close off the center of the Greek capital, enraging millions of Athenians who are prevented from going about their business. The Piraeus mayor should know better than anyone that such protests not only do nothing to further his purpose but, on the contrary, pit the people against the protesters.