Justice has to be fair and strict

The first person to be remanded in custody for the allegedly damaging purchase of structured bonds shows that, despite the rumors, the judicial investigation is progressing. The judiciary is making informed decisions based on the information at its disposal. The most important thing is that it should ensure complete disclosure in this case. This would send an important message that anyone who took part in or allowed the squandering of public money is sure to come face to face with the full severity of the legal system. The bonds issue is one that could help the justice system recover from years of laws being bypassed and ignored. This case has to do with the reserves of pension funds, which is a matter that has been, and will continue to be, a huge topic of discussion around the country. The judicial probe should leave no room for doubts, not just to satisfy the watching audience, but because it is a prerequisite for the transition to a proper pension system. This means that justice has to make fair and strict decisions.