June 18, 1958

EXECUTION OF NAGY AND MALETER: London, 17 – World public opinion has been shocked and horrified by the news that the tragic protagonists of the Hungarian people’s uprising in 1956, former Prime Minister Imre Nagy and General Pal Maleter, have been executed. Convicted by a closed court in a parody of a trial, they were executed immediately. Everyone from US President Dwight D. Eisenhower to labor unions, political leaders, the international press, apart from those that are pro-communist, have condemned this killing in cold blood. At the same time, questions have been raised about the reasons behind the executions, which will only widen the psychological and political divide between the two worlds. In the absence of clear facts, it is assumed that this return to Stalinist methods signifies that Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev fears rivals in his party. It is also seen as an attempt to terrorize those in power in other communist regimes. It should be considered certain that, irrespective of reactions, the execution of the Hungarian patriots will have a dire impact on the international climate and consequently on international summit meetings.