Back to the drawing board

Everyone understands the need for a land zoning plan and, therefore, everyone also recognizes that such an important job should not be executed in a haphazard manner. The land zoning plan will represent an important step that will define the country’s future and this is why it should take in all the different parameters of the issue and be drawn up carefully. The plan that has been presented so far needs a lot of work. Politicians of every stripe and a countless number of social bodies agree on this point. The relevant bill presented before Parliament, unfortunately, followed the usual, flawed policy model. Dialogue on the plan was brief and scratched only the surface, while most of the proposals made never made it into the bill. The zoning plan that is making its way to Parliament does not provide the answers to major questions regarding either the country’s future or its present. The proposal by MPs from three different parties to withdraw the plan and to make adjustments makes sense and should be done immediately. There is no room for party squabbling and big egos in the land zoning plan, which is a project of national proportions.