Readers reactions to our new layout

As a longtime and avid reader of the IHT, I am writing to express my deep dissatisfaction with the changes in the layout of the IHT in Greece by virtue of the attachment of the English edition of Kathimerini into the main body of the paper. With this move, IHT has lost part of its elegance (the back of the paper was aesthetically as pleasing to the eye of the discreet international reader as is the front of the paper) and I wonder how many other readers will end up as a result switching to The Financial Times for their daily dose of world news. C.J. POLYCHRONIOU, via e-mail. I am very unhappy with the present configuration. I would like to be able to detach the Kathimerini section readily. The way it was today, I had to struggle with the entire newspaper in order to read just the Greek section. The main reason I subscribe to the paper is to get the Greek news. The world news I get fresh from CNN and the Internet, for the most part. Please consider making the Greek section detachable. RALPH STEIBER, Athens & California. I was very pleased to see your «Letter from the Editor» in the Saturday edition of Kathimerini and your changes. As a child of the diaspora living in Australia, I rely on the Internet edition to keep up to date with news and the happenings in Greece and Cyprus. As a visitor to Greece last year, I would buy the IHT/Kathimerini every day to keep up to date with international and local news and current affairs. They provide a balanced view with more substance and analysis. Best wishes for the future. TOULA LOUVARIS, Product Manager – General Law, Thomson Reuters. I don’t really understand what the changes mean for the online edition. Will the Greek-originated articles be mixed with the US ones that I can already read in NYT.com? Will the electronic news from Greece come, from now on, only once a week, as if it isn’t delayed enough? But I strongly hope you will stop writing about old American films – that was a huge source of irrelevant noise. LUCIAN, via e-mail. Congratulations on a very successful decade of providing the international community in Greece with news and comment of the highest quality in the English language. My husband and I have been living in Greece for the past 22 years and find KEE a most useful tool in keeping us well informed of what goes on in Greece and the region. I must say, we were a bit sad to hear that KEE will now be consolidated into six or four pages to be incorporated into the IHT, but fully understand that there must be good reasons for this decision. On the other hand, it’s good to know that your website will carry the listings that will cease to appear in the paper version. We look forward to receiving the English-language newspaper/guide that you plan to start publishing in June, and lastly, to the new interactive website: Good luck and more prosperity in the future. SYBIL HOFMANN, FIH president. I think what would be a nice feature on your Internet news page site is a comments section that gives readers the ability to comment on the story or news article that has been reported.  I have always wondered how other readers felt or thought about issues that you write about. Sometimes readers have an interesting view and it is nice to maybe have a forum to discuss a story. It will be interesting to hear from Greek readers what their view is.    Times Online UK has a comment section and that and its one of the reasons why I visit the site regularly. AMELIA, via e-mail. Editor replies: We knew when we initiated our changes to Kathimerini English Edition that we would make some readers unhappy but we did it in the hope that our new direction would more than compensate them. Looking back, we believe readers will see that in our daily four or six pages we have not reduced our daily content to any great extent; mainly, we have dropped the stock listings and other information that can be found on our website at www.ekathimerini.com. We believe readers will agree that the weekly Athens Plus now offers a rich new source of news, features and information for making the best of living or traveling in Greece. As for our Internet presence, we are working to make it more dynamic, allowing readers’ participation. We will be very happy to hear more from our readers on how they see our efforts to improve our service to them.