Criminals becoming more brash

It turns out that law and order do not reign supreme, not even on the plains of Crete. The people of Greece have once more found themselves watching a sequel to the same, sad story and there are two things about this that should cause us some great concern. The first is that the marijuana plantation was located right beside a populated area and the second is that the would-be killer was not only undeterred by the presence of police, but actually sneaked up on them. This means that crime is not diminishing and that, on the contrary, the criminals are becoming more brash. In some strange way, they seem to feel safe in provoking the law in the worst manner. Sunday’s incident, the second such case after the events that occurred in Zoniana, should cause us twice as much concern and here the government must increase its efforts in cracking down on such crime. The judicial authorities and the police have a duty to deal with this matter as fast as possible, because when criminals become too bold, it is a crime against society as a whole.