June 25, 1968

WEST GERMAN MARK: Bonn, 21 – The German mark celebrated its 10th anniversary yesterday at a reception given by the Federal German Economy Ministry in honor of the government and many distinguished German and foreign guests. Chancellor Konrad Adenauer said in his toast to the health of the German mark that it would be a mistake to «give the impression that we are very rich. That is not correct.» Turning to the French journalists, he said: «Let us look at France. You saw (former French Prime Minister Antoine) Pinay’s bond loan. I don’t know if that would be possible in Germany.» Adenauer expressed his joy at the success of Pinay’s loan, adding: «We are no longer at a time when a country would find pleasure in a neighbor’s troubles. Only when all of Europe’s countries are at a steady economic standard will our security be steady.» When the chancellor, who is 82 years old, asked what one should to drink to, the economy minister replied, «To our next 10 years.» To that, the elderly chancellor replied, «That is too much.» NATIONAL OPERA: This evening, the National Opera company staged another performance of Beethoven’s «Fidelio» to resounding applause.