Learning to treasure our water

The fact that Greece ranks second after the United States on a global scale in per capita water consumption goes to show that wastage must be on a massive scale. This senseless use of water is visible all around us: The pipe networks are poorly maintained and leaks occur all the time. Farmers contribute by watering their crops during the warm midday hours. Industries, large and small, as well as ordinary consumers use this precious resource without forethought. Hardly thinking about it, Greece is walking toward drought and desertification. A solution to this problem must be found, and fast. The charter for the proper management of water resources that is being signed at Zappeion today is a contract between the state and social groups that these reckless practices will be brought to an end. The terms of the contract, however, have to be respected by everyone and put into practice. We must all take better care of how we use our water if we hope to have a future.