Foster care could be a solution

The great ease with which someone can now become a parent by adopting a child privately, in other words without any intervention from the state, has not solved the problem. The problem in this case is not that faced by childless couples, as 90 percent of adoptions are presently done privately. No, the real problem is faced by the children who are left behind. The children that remain at state orphanages are usually not chosen by potential parents because they often suffer from health problems. These children have few choices in life. In fact, they only have one option: institutionalization. This usually leads to self-destructive behavior, which in turn causes the children to become isolated from the outside world. This does not offer them any greater security but it is all that they have left. The solution for these children is fostering. In other words, families that are prepared to bring up a little brother or sister with their own children. The government subsidizes these families and their medical costs are also covered by the state. To avoid more children becoming institutionalized, we have to spread the idea of foster care.