Leftist delusions

… It is groundless but also naive to claim that migrants who have entered Greece legally or illegally have an intrinsic criminal tendency. On the other hand, it would be an act of delusion to turn a blind eye to statistical data confirming that the percentage of migrants who take part in criminal acts (mainly burglary, robbery, rape, drug trafficking and murder) is much higher than that of the Greek population. It’s needless to say that this is due to social rather than racial causes, but this fact makes no difference. A second myth is the claim that (illegal) migrants do not contribute to the rise of unemployment because they take jobs that are snubbed by Greek citizens. This is only half the truth, however, in the sense that it applies to the majority of migrants. But statistical data show that a large minority of (illegal migrants) sideline Greeks from their jobs because they cost less. So long as socialist parties deny that migration contributes to the rise in crime and unemployment it will remain at odds with the reality experienced by citizens on a daily basis. The delusion of the left has left a political vacuum allowing Europe’s far-rightist parties to return to the limelight. Crime and unemployment are mainly plaguing the lower social strata, and this explains the fact that the rhetoric of Jean-Marie Le Pen and his followers has struck a chord in neighborhoods that were once considered bastions of the left…

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