June 30, 1958

LEBANON CRISIS: London, 26 – Lebanese President Camille Chamoun said in a radio statement today that if the United Nations observers did not succeed in putting an end to the intervention by the United Arab Republic (Egypt), he would make a fresh appeal to the UN Security Council and ask for the help of the free world and the United Sates which, according to the president, have the right to intervene wherever their vital interests are being threatened. Referring to the risk of Soviet interference, he ruled out that likelihood, since it is the United Nations that was offering its assistance to Lebanon. TURKEY AND THE ARABS: United Nations, 25 – The group of 28 Afro-Asian member states of the United Nations met this afternoon in a closed-door session, chaired by the vice president of Afghanistan, in order to hear the views of the Turkish permanent representative regarding the Cyprus issue. It is believed that the Turkish representative is to present the Ankara government’s views on the general situation in Cyprus, as well as the reason for Turkey’s interest and the stance it will take regarding the new plan that has been proposed by the British.