July 3, 1958

EDA: Interior Minister Evangelos Kalantzis, in response to a question from the president of the United Democratic Left (EDA), Ioannis Pasalidis, has made the following statement: «Mr Pasalidis either does not know what is really going on within EDA, in which case let me assure him that I can brief him, or else he knows, in which case I am obliged to say outright that he is being hypocritical. EDA was set up by the exiled leadership of the outlawed Communist Party (KKE) and is directed in general political terms by its founders. The directing of EDA from abroad by the leadership of the Communist Party is carried out first of all via political leaders sent here by foreign states as cadres of the illegal KKE, secondly by directives sent to EDA, and thirdly by means of visits by certain persons to countries behind the Iron Curtain for contacts there, not only with the KKE leaders.» Pasalidis replied, «In response to my statements yesterday regarding new machinations by the government against EDA, statements which I believe reflect public opinion, the minister has issued insults and theories in the hateful language of division which arouses abhorrence in any democrat or