Time for a concerted effort

It is time for Greece’s politicians to assume responsibility. The Siemens scandal is taking a heavy toll on the political system and our leaders must react, because these are wounds that no prosecutor can heal. Other than the rage felt by the public, the country’s political leaders have a duty to actively show that they truly want change. They must convince the public that they are not covering up for anyone, regardless of how close someone may be or what he may know. PM Costas Karamanlis has nothing to gain by covering up for those who backed out of the fight against corruption. Similarly, main opposition leader George Papandreou should under no circumstances shield his party’s sinful past. Inaction is not a solution in times like these. The premier must take steps to change the status quo, which so enrages citizens and gives the green light to rampant illegality. He must change the party funding system and collect from Siemens what the country is owed. This case may be a golden opportunity for the two rival leaders to put their differences aside and work together to safeguard democracy from corruption. No one has the right to lose this battle.