July 10, 1958

EZRA POUND: Naples, 10 – Following a 12-year absence, the great American poet Ezra Pound has returned to Italy after being released from a psychiatric hospital where he had been committed for 12 years as a wartime collaborator, in order to avoid a death sentence. Pound will stay in Merano in the Alte Adige mountains where his daughter lives with her family. After arriving in Naples he made the following statement: «How is it possible to live in the United States outside of a psychiatric hospital?» Pound had been arrested by the Americans near Pisa. ITALY: Italian Prime Minister Amintore Fanfani presented his government’s platform to parliament this afternoon and said that with regard to foreign policy, Italy could not be indifferent to the problems in other Mediterranean countries. With regard to NATO, he said that after 10 years of experience, the alliance was stronger than ever as a basic instrument of security, peace and solidarity. He added that it could be made even more effective by holding permanent political meetings. Fanfani said his government would not permit any attempt to undermine it whether from the right or the left and added that the best weapon against any such attempt was his social welfare program.