Time for society to take action

The crisis that has beset Greece over the past few months is a crisis of the political system, a crisis of political management, and a crisis of confidence in the institutions. Nevertheless, one should at no point make the mistake of interpreting the ongoing crisis as a crisis of our society at large. Greek society contains healthy forces and it has the strength to regenerate itself. It should not be neutralized or stigmatized by the ineptitude and the corruption of passing leaders. However, if society is to prosper it must believe in itself, it has to look upon itself with self-confidence and act with determination and optimism, with faith in its powers. We all must realize that society belongs to its citizens and is, in turn, shaped by their actions on an individual and collective level. Civil society can break away from the shortcomings of the past and make steps on the path to prosperity. It’s only by leaving behind the inert and the self-centered that society can inspire hope for the future.