The mask has finally fallen

The letter from the prime minister of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) to the Greek prime minister simply confirmed what most of us already knew. There is no well-intentioned partner with whom we can talk in Skopje. Instead, there is a political leadership that prefers to engage in provocative behavior. What makes it more unfortunate is that it is not aware of its mistakes. It has not realized that naming Skopje’s airport «Alexander the Great» pushed Greece into exercising its right to veto FYROM’s bid to join NATO. Also, it has not realized that its constant provocations will simply ensure that Greece blocks FYROM when it attempts to join the European Union. The only consolation is that FYROM’s provocative behavior is so obvious that even its most fervent supporters can see it. The neighboring state had try to engage in a skillful public relations campaign but now everybody can sympathize with the position adopted by Athens.