May 23, 1952

RECOMMENDATIONS: New York, May (From our correspondent A. Antonakakis). Although it is not an issue that has been the subject of public debate, it is nevertheless common knowledge among those American circles which closely watch Greek affairs, that in Athens there is a «pro-British» vs «pro-American» tendency within political and diplomatic circles, as well as the press, and naturally, among those on the sidelines who have always exercised some degree of influence over the country. (…) Despite the bitter speeches being made by the British against the Americans, no careful observer will doubt that the disputes between the two powers are nothing more than family quarrels. Mutual friends of the two countries would be wise not to become involved in these arguments, as the result will not be in their best interest. DEATH SENTENCE: Thessaloniki, 22 – The permanent military court in our city has sentenced Christos Toubis and Ioannis Batsis to death. The two men were convicted of espionage between September 1950 and September 1951, when they were arrested in the vicinity of Promachonas, Edessa, near Greece’s northern border. They were found to be in the service of the Bulgarian espionage service and the Communist Party of Greece (KKE).