How our trust has been lost

The public will be interested to hear that Economy and Finance Minister Giorgos Alogoskoufis has discovered there is a persistent lack of money flowing into public coffers. People would be forgiven for asking whether the same minister can be trusted with the task of stamping out tax evasion, which falls within his remit. For instance, people who are in the know are well aware that, unlike other companies, firms that also own media groups have not undergone thorough tax inspections at regular intervals. Inspectors have been waiting a long time now for the approval to go ahead with the appropriate checks on such businesses. The moment when the political will is found to deal with well-known personalities the same way as everyone else will also be the moment when the trust, which has evaporated, will be restored. The public is painfully aware that you cannot continue coming down hard only on the people you are not afraid of.