July 25, 1958

TURKEY: London, 19 (From our correspondent) – The way in which Turkey is trying to exploit the upheaval in the Middle East in order to further its plans for Cyprus was made evident today in an interview given by the Turkish foreign minister to the Daily Mail’s correspondent in Istanbul. The minister said that Turkey firmly supports the American and British intervention in the Middle East. Referring to the presence of 50 million Muslims in the area, former Turkish subjects living in countries that are virtually under Russian sovereignty, he then turned to Cyprus. The minister said that Turkey had offered to send a police force to Cyprus to protect the Turkish community on the island. He added that Turkey had no objection to Greece sending a similar force to protect Greek Cypriots. The minister emphasized that the British military had other responsibilities elsewhere. Therefore, if the British reduced its presence on Cyprus, there was a risk of the situation deteriorating to the point where they would not be able to control it. He said that Turkey’s offer to send a force was made in good faith and out of a desire to help Britain at this time of crisis in the Middle East.