August 1, 1958

IRAQ: Amsterdam, 26 – After the military coup in Iraq during which the Crown Prince was killed, members of the government told the German press agency correspondent that King Faisal’s death had probably been accidental. According to those sources, the king was seriously injured by a bullet from an automatic weapon and died two days later. Crown Prince Abdul Illah and Nuri es Said, the prime minister of the Iraq-Jordan Federation, had been hated by most of the populace and insiders within the palace, they said. Illah’s body was thrown to the crowd who dragged it triumphantly through the streets for two days before dismembering it. The same happened with Nuri es Said’s body. AMERICAN SATELLITE: Cape Canaveral, 26 – The US army launched a new satellite today, named the Explorer, in an attempt to put it into orbit. Weighing over 17 kilos, it is the heaviest spacecraft so far launched by the Americans. This is the fourth Explorer mission; two of the previous attempts had failed. It is to fly over the most densely populated regions of the earth, including the Soviet Union.