August 4, 1958

RECOGNITION OF IRAQ: Western countries, with some hesitation as to the intentions of the new regime in the Republic of Iraq after the bloody overthrow of the monarchy, are now moving to recognize the new revolutionary government, particularly after assurances were given that it would respect the country’s international obligations. Greece was the first country in the West to recognize the new government today, along with Turkey, Iran and Pakistan, as well as West Germany. Britain is expected to follow suit within 48 hours, and soon afterward the USA and other nations are also predicted to make statements of recognition. HELLENIC AMERICAN UNION: An exhibition of Greek artists opened yesterday at the American Hall under the auspices of the Hellenic American Union, with works by Gounaropoulos, Mitarakis, Spyropoulos, Tetsis and Vassileiou. These same five artists will represent Greece at an international competition sponsored by the Guggenheim Museum in New York City which houses the biggest collection of abstract and other modern art in the world. AMERICAN SATELLITE: Cape Canaveral, 26 – The US Army launched a new satellite today, named the Explorer. Weighing over 17 kilos, it is the heaviest spacecraft so far launched by the Americans.