May 14, 1952

DOGFIGHT: (From a front-page commentary in Kathimerini) Someone asked a poor devil who he preferred as a partner for Greece – the British or the Americans. Without the slightest hesitation he replied, «When two dogs are fighting over a bone, why do you ask the bone?» Of course neither the Americans nor the British are dogs. But neither can Greece be considered a bone. It is the meat. PICCOLO TEATRO: (From the notes of an Athenian) The performance of Milan’s «Small Theater» (Ed note: Founded in 1947 by Giorgio Strehler and Paolo Grassi) in Paris was an opportunity for the actor Jean-Louis Barrault to speak on modern Italian theater in general and particularly on young Italian actors, in the most glowing terms.(…) In Paris, the Milanese Piccolo Teatro is to perform a play by Goldoni. TROLLEY BUSES: Following the approval of the relevant ministries, the Transport Company has signed a contract with an Italian company which will allow it to purchase 40 trolley buses that are destined to complement the Athens-Piraeus urban transport network. Each vehicle is capable of carrying 100 passengers. They are meant to replace the tramline. POST CIVIL WAR: Within the next week, four new stamp series are to go into circulation, depicting scenes from the struggle against the bandits.