Eleven simple steps to make Greece a cleaner place to live

Here are just a few simple ideas to curb pollution in Greece. Perhaps they could be forwarded to the Environment Ministry. 1. Ban all plastic bags! They kill our sea, our beaches, our countryside. They also clog drains and when it rains our streets turn into rivers. Introduce biodegradable bags or use cotton ones. 2. Introduce a refund for every can and bottle. Fifty cents is not a small amount. Instead of tossing them out the window, we will return them and collect our cash. Even if everyone doesn’t do it, at least kids will start collecting bottles and cans to make an extra buck. 3. In addition, there should be a cleanup month, when volunteers, school kids and the army participate in organized efforts to clean up the countryside and beaches. 4. Public awareness. Environmental campaigns on TV and radio. Make it fashionable and hip to be green and clean. Perhaps use some Greek celebrities to deliver messages. 5. Environmental police; big fines for littering. 6. Heavy polluters, such as industrialists, should also be given very large fines. 7. Graffiti kids – penalize with three months of wall cleaning. This is done in many countries and works wonders. 8. Greater school awareness – school kids can become environmental guardians. 9. Plant more trees and flowers. 10. Have a boat that collects floating garbage, as in Istanbul. 11. Environmental awards for great achievements. ANNA SEELIGER, Voula.