August 7, 1958

CYPRUS: Nicosia, 2 – Despite appeals for a halt to the fighting in Cyprus, the British authorities on the island continued to arrest Greek Cypriots as the killing continued. A record number of 27 people were killed over the past week. The occupation forces today began sweeping operations in Cyprus’s eastern region, where many murders and anti-British demonstrations had occurred over the past few days. About 4,000 soldiers took part in the operation, the largest in recent months. According to confirmed reports, two members of the National Cypriot Fighters’ Organization (EOKA) were arrested, one of whom had a 400-pound price on his head. In a field near a village in western Cyprus, a Greek farmer and his wife, both aged about 60, were found dead. The farmer’s throat had been cut and his wife had been severely beaten. Residents of Morphou were ordered to remain in their homes today after an overnight attack on two police officers who were shot at while on patrol. A total curfew has been imposed on the highway linking Famagusta and Nicosia. TO THE MOON: Moscow, 2 – According to the findings presented at an international conference here, it appears that the first spacecraft to reach the moon will be equipped with large hand-operated machines.