August 8, 1958

GREECE-ALBANIA: The Foreign Ministry has announced that, according to reports from the General Navy Command, an agreement was signed yesterday between the Greek and Albanian navies regarding the current sweeping of the strait between Corfu and the Albanian coast of mines. The mines were planted there during World War II. Merchant ships have been allowed through the strait for the first time since then as of yesterday. According to a report from Tirana, Greek and Albanian delegations signed an agreement to eventually open the strait to international shipping. TO THE MOON: Moscow, 2 – According to the findings presented at an international conference here, it appears that the first spacecraft to reach the moon will be equipped with large hand-operated machines. A sub-committee of the international geophysics conference has focused on the way humans intend to make their first landing on the moon, which will offer scientists an opportunity to study conditions similar to those that once existed on Earth millions of years ago. XENIA KALOGEROPOULOU: Two young actors have joined the Mimis Fotopoulos Theater Company. They are Xenia Kalogeropoulou, who has studied drama in Paris, and Popi Dasopoulou, who has come from a theater troupe in Thessaloniki.